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Sillosocks Pigeon Hypa Flaps

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No birds in the freezer to decoy with?! These are the perfect long-term (and mess free) solution. Pigeon Flapper Flyer Decoys (aka Hypa-Flap) by Sillosocks Decoys are designed for the pigeon hunter - and they really do work! The key to their success is their realistic flying and flapping movement. . They reflect very positive Ultra-violet rays - very similar to real feathers. The heads and necks are flocked. The WINGS have beautiful and realistic artwork. Pigeon Hypa-Flap decoys work brilliantly on poles, rotary machines, and bouncers. They come assembled - all you have to do is put the wing spar in and they're ready to mount. As the breeze catches the wings they give a flapping motion just like the real thing. Andy Crow is quoted as saying about Sillosocks, "I remember shooting with a mate up in Bedfordshire when these first came out. I was dubious to say the least and gave him plenty of stick - until the birds started piling in! They were suicidal and we had a great day, so I know they can do the business." Sporting Shooter Magazine, March 2015

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